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“When you are staying in the jungle you got to abide by its rule else you are thrown out anytime”. Internet is one such jungle and Google is the lion that sets the rules to be worshipped. Yes, I have used the word worshipped as you can’t displease Google if you want your internet marketing to prosper. Particularly, for local region where the competition is vast and there is lot to be won. As per recent statistics, local SEO can make up to 20 % of the internet searches, a colossal figure to ignore. So, tapping this vast potential of online lookers is of paramount importance. Google has recently revamped it search algorithm with the launch of pigeon in the fray. So, to comply with the norms that pigeon demands is imperative for ushering in the internet marketing campaign. You might be going back to the earlier paragraph that read 20% stuff. But the herculean task stands when you have to locate the same brand in multiple locations. You can’t rule out the first past the poll concept, t

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